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Sugar Coating Machine
Mar 22, 2017

Sugar coating machine, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, research institutes, hospitals on the Tablet, pill packages with sugar, roll polishing and foods, can also be used to trial new drug research unit.

Coated after polishing of sugar-coated tablets, with a bright appearance, its surface with sugar Crystal to generate the complete consolidation package, either preventing chip oxidation, moisture or volatile, and discomfort when taking cover chip flavor, reached the pills easy to identify and ease stomach dissolves in the body, and so on.

To make chips as soon as possible on its surface evenly coated Crystal, and polishing purposes, must chip in the pot with a manual spraying compound syrup and mix pulp. Through the pot clockwise, sugar-coated tablets in the pot rolls slip rubbing makes it all evenly on a chip. And pass into the pot with hot air, can quickly remove the Tablet's water supply, and get qualified for sugarcoating pills and other products. This series of machines are sugar coating technology of equipment, to the best of line speed, stability guarantee the best logistic curve in tablet form in the pot, to meet the sugar-coated layer of uniform thickness, bright point technology requirements.

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