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Peeking From The Tide Of Rising Food Prices Food Machinery Heavy Business Opportunities
Mar 22, 2017

According to voice of reports the news vertical and horizontal, if keyword topped the domestic consumer goods market, price can be said to deserve the word. In this regard, some joy some worry. At a time when consumers call unbearable, food machinery business opportunities coming.

On November 2, the national development and Reform Commission announced in October urban retail food prices monitoring the situation. Monitoring of 31 products, recent 80% prices. Compared with September, total 24 products at different prices rise, 80% per cent of statistics for the species, cucumber and watermelon rose highest, soybean oil, soybean oil, chicken, Eggplant and the weak fall in prices, such as grass carp, Chinese cabbage and pork prices were flat.

Food prices are the reasons, temporarily unable to speak clearly, to be analyzed, but food prices food machinery manufacturers, "crouched", food prices have risen, machinery is the price right? Machinery business opportunities lie? Growth and where?

With the improvement of modern consumer trends and consumer tastes, in the richness of life increasingly pursuing food tastes, which caused food production multi-species, small quantities of development to the detriment of the various types of food machinery sells well in the market.

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