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Future Of Food Packaging Machinery Needs
Mar 22, 2017

With the quickening pace of daily work, health food rich in nutrients, enhanced their sense of environmental protection, of food and its packaging in the future will make many new requirements. This includes adjusting measures to local conditions to develop a vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging and aseptic packaging, new technologies, new products, to frozen packaged together. Focuses on current and future and can confirm the following 3 types of packaging machine is suitable for food packaging excellent models, and can be called as has a long history and rich vitality of leading models, namely vertical bag (box), horizontal bag forming, filling and sealing machine (Kit) forming, filling and sealing machines, horizontal seams wrap machine.

Under Group technology analyzes the commonalities and similarities between these three more, help to unify development, and each has its own specific differences, selection to local conditions. By comparison, its main features are as follows:

Package objects--3 machine fit almost everything (often containing gas-liquid-solid), just the third limitation.

Packaging materials-are dominated by composite film reel, some straw in the second and third supporting ribs and other accessories.

More packaging--the second pattern, such as three-side-seal bags, four side sealing bag, double bags, stand up pouches, a brick box, dome-shaped box; first, second, and third low, usually with Pillow-shaped bag, can be made into tubular bags, four side bags.

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