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Food Packaging Machine Industrial Sustained And Stable Development
Aug 08, 2017

Low level of domestic packaging industry development, some high-volume packaging equipment is still relying on foreign imports to meet domestic demand. This over-reliance on the phenomenon, has seriously constrained China's packaging industry sustained and stable development, but also to some of the domestic non-competitive food Food Packaging Machine enterprises in endangered situation. Although the domestic Food Packaging Machine market prospects, but such as stand-alone automation, stability and reliability is poor, the appearance of unsightly, short life and other issues also make the domestic Food Packaging Machine products have been criticized.

Security Detection Technology: Security is the first keyword in any industry, especially in the packaging industry. Pharmaceutical safety in the Food Packaging Machine is not only reflected in the simple physical parameters of the scope, but also concerned about the color of drugs, raw materials and other factors. Food Food Packaging Machine applications in the scope of the expansion, so continue to machinery manufacturers and automation products suppliers to make new demands.

Motion control technology: motion control technology in the domestic development is very rapid, but in the Food Packaging Machine industry development momentum has become weak. The role of motion control products and technologies in Food Packaging Machine is to achieve precise position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, mainly for loading and unloading, transportation, marking, palletizing, unloading and other processes. Motion control technology is a distinction between high, medium and low-end Food Packaging Machine is one of the key factors, but also China's Food Packaging Machine to upgrade the technical support.

Flexible production: the major companies to adapt to the market competition, the product replacement cycle is getting shorter and shorter. It is understood that the production of cosmetics, generally up to three years a change, or even a quarter of a change, while production is relatively large,Food Packaging Machine so the flexible and flexible Food Packaging Machine put forward a very high demand: the life of Food Packaging Machine Far greater than the product life cycle. Because only this can meet the requirements of product production economy. The concept of flexibility is considered in three ways: the flexibility of the quantity, the flexibility of the construction, and the flexibility of the supply.

In all kinds of packaging, vacuum packaging is now the food industry is the most common, but also the most secure of a packaging, with compression, shatter, gas, fresh, keep the food dry and so on. Food vacuum machine is to complete a vacuum packaging of a mechanical equipment for the vacuum packaging of food is convenient, can greatly extend the shelf life of food, but also for food to better flow to the market has played a great role in promoting and promote effect. The emergence of food vacuum machine,Food Packaging Machine to the food industry to solve a lot of problems. For the food category of the vacuum machine, in terms of vacuum packaging has a very significant advantage, which makes the product and the outside world has a layer of a safe diaphragm, for the outside of the various gases for the oxidation of the products have played Very good cut off the role.

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