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Food Making Machine Reduce Friction Loss, Heat Dissipation, Rust Removal, Vibration Reduction
Oct 30, 2017

The Food Making Machine is composed of a series of food machinery and parts, the friction between mechanical parts must bring equipment wear and energy loss. Therefore, food machinery operation must use lubricants. Lubricant in the friction surface of the formation of lubrication film, play to reduce friction loss, heat, rust, vibration and noise reduction and other functions. At present, the degree of mechanization of food industry is increasingly high, lubricants have been widely used in various types of food machinery, such as mixer, pump, sealing machine, conveyor, gear box, hydraulic system.

Food contaminated by lubricants has always been a concern, in the food production process, may occur hose leakage, seal damage, splash, chain drip, improper operation, and bring lubricant to the food pollution. A series of food safety problems can be caused by the contamination of contaminated food with lubricant.

Lubricant contaminated food is a problem that cannot be neglected, but it is often neglected. Because a small amount of lubricant dispersed to food usually do not have obvious traces, not easy to cause food color, fragrance, taste and texture of the adverse changes,Food Making Machine it is not easy to arouse consumer attention and the attention of producers. Lubrication is regarded as a very small part of the business structure, is in a trivial position, no one has no corresponding system to manage lubrication. Enterprises often look at the problem of lubrication in isolation, that the purpose of lubrication is only to ensure the normal operation of equipment,Food Making Machine ignore or do not realize that lubrication may be a potential hazard to food safety. Therefore, the problem of lubricant safety, food manufacturers deserve high attention. Food production enterprises should be based on the industrial characteristics of processed products and equipment technical requirements, the selection of food machinery lubricants. Consider meeting the following requirements:

A. Process environment, equipment technical performance requirements, should consider the working environment of equipment: such as temperature, load, humidity,Food Making Machine microbial reproduction and other factors. Enterprises can refer to equipment manufacturers to provide technical parameters, but also by the enterprise equipment managers, food safety management personnel according to the time of the enterprise to determine the use of lubricants;

B. Applicable food safety laws and regulations, these requirements include: domestic and foreign products related laws and regulations, technical standards,Food Making Machine related certification requirements and other applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Enterprises should fully identify these requirements and regularly update and maintain records;

C. Other requirements, such as costs, customer requirements, etc.

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