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Food Machinery Industry In China Promising
Mar 22, 2017

Food machinery as part of the equipment industry, are often overlooked by people. The recent "sanlu milk powder" major accident to shock people to re-evaluate food safety of Chinese people, but also to the food machinery industry in China has brought a certain degree of negative impact. However, taking into account the improvement of people's living standards, food machinery industry's prospects remain bright. Changed changes

Food machinery is directly to the food service industry. China's food industry in recent years to maintain growth above 30%, drive the food an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. In 2007, China national food industry output value of more than 3.1 trillion yuan, the corresponding food machinery sales totalling 51.9 billion yuan. Machinery while taking into account the food price increase in recent years, their sales growth cannot be synchronized with the food industry, food machinery missed the food industry growth rates, cannot fully satisfy the needs of the domestic food industry, the market prospects are very good.

But 30 years ago, China's food processing industry is still very backward, the main reason is the lack of strong support of food machinery industry.

30 years Qian, China food most is workshop type of production, only has surface and the baking roast using has some simple of mechanical, on even 30,000 package/class of instant noodles equipment are cannot manufacturing, class production 6000 bottle of soda equipment also need imports, Beijing pastry II factory all using of is imports equipment, production of products now see is some very General of products, at main service object is specials and the foreign guests. 1981 national food and packaging machinery output value of only 1.8 billion yuan, the largest biscuit equipment width 560mm. Beer packaging machinery can only meet 5000T/year, artificial label, toothpaste packaging, packaging and refreshing oil is "innovation".

Real change is from private enterprises of the industry as a whole into began.

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