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Candy Processing Machine Superior Performance, More Powerful
Jul 18, 2017

Sugar is a child's love, but also a lot of people love to eat casual food. It is understood that the world a total of 1,500 kinds of candy species, and now China is only about 1,000 mercy. The future of candy will be in the candy, functional candy, gum, sugar,Candy Processing Machine chocolate four items to open the competition. Infinite product chain combination form into a category collection of standard combination of goods is the trend of China's candy to carry out the trend.

There are several characteristics: the growth rate of the mall steadily; brand to foreign investment company's brand-based; healthy, convenient, stylish and other ideas for the commodity's main selling point; in the sugar Block of goods in the highest quality of plastic products of sugar products; high value-added goods, manufacturers of profit is extremely impressive, is very carry out the commodity category.

Children's candy China's food industry association shows that now, the annual consumption of candy per capita for the 3 kg, while China as long as 0.7 kg, therefore,Candy Processing Machine China's sugar malls have endless development potential. Continue to develop new candy products, shopping subdivision, help to stimulate the cost of sugar malls shopping malls, and children's shopping malls is the main point of the sub-point of sugar, health and the perfect combination of child care will be children's candy To carry out the mainstream.

Sugar-free candy foreign investors are increasingly optimistic about this piece of shopping malls, active development of sugar-free candy, especially in the chewing gum and hard candy. For example, Australia Hua Aikang in China's shopping malls launched a granular sugar-free chewing gum, the British Cadbury reported its "boldness" brand sugar-free chewing gum, Lotte Stone introduced the Lotte Xylitol chewing gum,Candy Processing Machine Wrigley also launched the "benefits of" Brand sugar-free chewing gum, extraordinary emperor also introduced the shellfish chewing gum, I heard that the Turkish candy company also want sugar in the sugar malls on a piece of cake. In Europe and the United States, sugar-free chewing gum shopping malls have gone beyond the traditional chewing gum, and in China is still a virgin mall, shopping malls have great potential. 

Sugar competition is becoming increasingly intense during the period, the modern consumers are no longer just satisfied with the taste of pleasure, but to seek a higher grade, but also by the magnificent packaging surface attracted and tempted, packaging has become more and more important. Therefore, the candy company, the company's every period are inseparable from the packaging of the charm of the goods. In recent years, the domestic candy skills experts in the introduction of collaboration, self-reliance has made gratifying achievements in the candy device has introduced inflatable candy production line, colloidal candy automatic line,Candy Processing Machine ultra-thin film instantaneous instantaneous cooking unit, cotton candy production line Etc .; packaging machinery has a single kink packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high-speed pillow charter flights. Chocolate equipment has a multi-functional pattern of chocolate cast line, chocolate composite finished automatic line, chocolate extrusion molding line, chocolate quick grinding machine and so on. The next five years to carry out the trend of candy packaging has four points: First, to carry out personalized, to meet the wedding and high-end crowd. Second, to the cartoon to carry out, attracting children to spend collective. Third, to carry out a small package, the concept of complex modern people. Fourth, to carry out advanced, composite China's urbanization process to accelerate the development trend.

Candy as a snack food, a long time, especially by the children welcome. China's candy market mostly small and medium enterprises, product tastes, shape,Candy Processing Machine packaging are more single, per capita consumption is far behind the developed countries. In the high-end trend of candy under the influence of China's candy enterprises and related machinery manufacturing units to fight with the war, for more market share. China's food machinery and equipment network that, when the superior performance, more powerful candy machine will be favored by the market.

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