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Candy Processing Machine High Speed, Automation
Aug 08, 2017

At present, the domestic candy, chocolate, the main form of packaging kink packaging, pillow packaging, folding packaging. Kneading packaging is the oldest form of packaging, this form of packaging for candy, not only through high-speed, automated packaging machine to complete, can also be completed by manual operation; pillow packaging popular in the last century 70s, Domestic popular from the 80s. As the pillow packaging machine more popular,Candy Processing Machine the current majority of candy, chocolate manufacturers are pillow packaging. The folding packaging, used for chocolate products, candy suitable for making bags, bags, together, this form of packaging equipment and packaging materials have a higher demand.

   Trend Analysis of Confectionery Packaging

       In recent years, the domestic candy technical experts in the introduction of cooperation, independence has made gratifying achievements in the candy equipment has introduced inflatable candy production line, colloidal candy automatic line, ultra-thin film vacuum instantaneous cooking unit, cotton candy production line, etc .; packaging machinery A single kink packaging machine, folding packaging machine,Candy Processing Machine high-speed pillow charter flights. Chocolate equipment has a multi-functional color chocolate cast line, chocolate composite products automatic line, chocolate extrusion molding line, chocolate fast grinding machine.

       Multi-function is an important trend in the development of new equipment, because the candy varieties and more, faster updates, manufacturers of equipment requirements are multi-functional, adaptable. Such as the newly developed chocolate composite products with automatic lines on the production of candy, composite chocolate and coating products, multi-functional. The whole line of production,Candy Processing Machine can produce a variety of sugar core and different layers of high-quality composite chocolate, such as only the front part of the molding, can produce nougat, toffee, Swiss sugar, candy and other rectangular varieties, such as The use of the back side of the coating part, you can adapt to a variety of products, surface coating requirements.

       In addition, most of the new equipment is now used servo motor, photoelectric tracking and other new technologies, so that its automatic control capabilities greatly improved. Such as chocolate composite products automatic line, the whole line by the composition of nearly 20 units, due to differences in the requirements of different varieties of technology, not only the adjustment of the unit itself, more operation of the speed of coordination between the units, the unit uses a The total frequency converter to control the speed of the unit frequency converter.

       Candy, chocolate manufacturers in the standardization of packaging products, the general need for high-speed, automated packaging machine, in order to pursue economies of scale packaging cost optimization. Therefore, in recent years, packaging machine manufacturers have developed for different types of products, high-speed, automatic candy, chocolate packaging machine, such as for the traditional pillow packaging and some suitable for twisted products such as kink packaging machine. In this type of packaging machine, manufacturers use the latest technology, such as servo motor, photoelectric tracking, high-speed camera, etc., in order to achieve the performance of packaging machines, there are already 1500 to 2000 per minute package of high-speed pillow hard Candy Processing Machine machine. High-speed chocolate pillow packing machine should be more from the equipment and cold air packaging film matching and other aspects of development, in order to achieve high-speed and does not affect the quality of the internal chocolate products. In addition, the automatic steering, finishing,Candy Processing Machine emergency stop and acceleration of the conveyor belt connected to the chocolate packaging machine are widely used. Second, for non-standardized or seasonal products, the packaging machine should be designed to be flexible, lightweight and compact. The type of equipment does not pursue speed, but rather seeks personalized packaging and flexibility. In addition, the ingenious packaging design can also cater to product competition, continuous innovation, giving the visual impact of the effect, such as the market of bottled xylitol gum, because the packaging is more suitable for young people's consumer psychology, the product is very popular.

       The packaging technology used in the product should also depend on the characteristics of the product itself. In addition, candy, chocolate packaging should be based on the market, packaging technology should be based on product characteristics. If the product is positioned as a high-end gift, then the packaging is necessary to attract people, the design of high-grade, such as paper, wood or metal box are on the election. For the mass consumer products, packaging should be relatively simple, such as pillow bag packaging favored by the businessmen, its form is simple, mature technology, packaging, high efficiency, and cheap.

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