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Candy Making Machine To Prevent Oxidation Of Oil Products, To Extend The Life
Jul 10, 2017

China's candy mechanization development than abroad to a few decades later, but the domestic development of Candy Making Machine is indeed amazing, and some of the domestic folk customs are inseparable.

Chinese people like to choose to use colorful candy, in the festival or for the day to express their blessings for family and friends. With exquisite packaging and sweet taste, so that people are more excited when happy. And candy has a long history, far-reaching culture. Ancient people always like to use honey to make candy, the earliest sugar coating in the Roman region, called almond candy. At that time the candy price expensive scary, generally only nobles can afford, and later with the rise of the colonies, the general cultivation of sugar cane sugar sugar raw materials become wide, business people began to use it to test a variety of candy formula, with sucrose The candy produced is a lot cheaper and then mass produced and sold to the rest of the world.

With the development of science and technology in the times, China's food industry also bought the rapid development of the channel, China's candy industry has been rising, new products with ever-changing variety of species, so far, China has become the world's second largest candy market. These awards also let the national team Candy Making Machine put forward more and higher requirements.

Why should candy be packaged? Because the packaging is conducive to confectionery products moisture, heat, help to prevent oxidation of products, extend the life of candy. Of course, the packaging is also conducive to the protection of candy, to prevent microbial and dust pollution, protection of product health and safety. In addition, the more refined the packaging of the more attractive products to consumers desire. At present, the domestic candy products in the form of packaging kink packaging, pillow packaging, folding envelope packaging.

With the rapid development of the domestic candy industry, candy business competition is becoming increasingly fierce, candy enterprises want to get a place, must meet the needs of the current market changes, in addition to attention to product quality, but also need to pay attention to the frequency of packaging, candy enterprises to In addition to increasing production efficiency and product quality, the product must be packaged beautifully, using high-tech machinery, such as low-temperature sealed packaging film, kink packaging film , Then sealed packaging noodle film, so as to shorten the gap between domestic manufacturers and developed countries. The development trend of domestic candy machine must be from the candy packaging began to change, and candy packaging change direction must be towards high-speed automation, a machine and packaging design characteristics of the direction of development. I believe that with the development of information technology, China's candy business will develop faster and faster, and promote the development of the entire Candy Making Machine industry.

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