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Candy Making Machine Simple Cleaning And Maintenance Can Be Well Protected
Oct 30, 2017

Candy Making Machine failure is the most reluctant manufacturers to see work, failure means that the production line needs to stop, equipment requirements maintenance, all of these will be carried out to form an impact, to prevent the occurrence of defects in order to make these unrestricted, for manufacturers to carry out space continues to increase, that Candy Making Machine how to reduce the failure occurred, Here's a detailed description of:

Cleaning and maintenance, Candy Making Machine residues of food materials can bring the impact is beyond the actual expectations, not only will affect the food safety, but also affect the formation of equipment, so the implementation of cleaning work is to reduce these problems, the production line equipment necessary maintenance can also prolong the use of life, Can bring benefits beyond people's actual imagination, these are through simple cleaning maintenance plus can be obtained, the use of almost zero costs, manufacturers need to fully implement.

Operation mode, some incorrect operation will bring serious impact to the equipment, buried safety accident risk, Candy Making Machine to reduce the fault is inseparable from the correct operation, must be necessary to staff training work, so that it is familiar with the operation of equipment to make the correct operation to reduce the failure occurred.

1), stamping molding machine.

Main components: send sugar wheel, sugar, sugar crumbs shovel knife, sugar bucket, unloading sugar shovel knife, unloading sugar bucket, rotary head, cutting sugar wheel. Stamping forming is the main way of hard candy forming. The earliest use of intermittent single punch molding, processing only one sugar per time, production efficiency is very low. At present, the use of more is a continuous rotary stamping machine, can simultaneously stamping more sugar, production efficiency greatly improved.

Working principle: The cooling, the bar after the sugar into the molding machine, send sugar wheel in the role of friction in the rotary head, being involved in the outer rim of the forming groove, through the extruding of the sugar Wheel, the sugar bar is squeezed into the forming groove and broken into a candy bar, while the sugar rod is pushed forward by the cam to push the candy into the forming hole and into the sugar-discharging bucket by shovel blade. , in the vibration of the screen, such as sugar after cooling, can be packaged.

2 Pouring molding machine.

Main components: conveyor belt, model plate, sugar injection nozzle, pouring sugar pump, storage tank, cooling device.

Pouring molding can produce hard candy, fudge and soft fudge, the scope of adaptation is large, the need for equipment is similar. When the pouring mold molding when the sugar is still in a flow state, the liquid sugar quantitative injection into the continuous operation of the model plate, and then to be quickly cooled and finalized, and finally from the model plate separation, and then with the conveyor belt to the packaging machine for packaging.

Working principle: The role of the sugar pump is to push the sugar into the sugar mouth, which is made up of two cylinders, the outer cylinder is a fixed cylinder, the side of a pot of road and storage trough through, the bottom of the small hole and sugar mouth connected. The inner cylinder is a headstock cylinder, and the middle and outer circumference of the tube is connected with the lever of the left and right swinging, and there is a small hole in the side and bottom of the cylinder. At the time of swinging, the bottom hole is closed with the bottom hole of the outer cylinder, and the side hole is connected with the pore of the storage tank, while the side hole is closed with the outer cylinder side, the bottom hole is connected with the sugar mouth of the wine barrel. In the headstock cylinder with a piston, when the piston up and down movement, the air can be inhaled, Chiang sugar pressure to the sugar mouth. Piston moving distance of the size, determine the amount of sugar discharge, according to the size of the sugar bar to adjust the piston moving distance. At the bottom of each watering-sugar pump, there is a sugar-filled mouth that is equal to the number of sugar models.

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