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Candy Making Machine Nutritional, Functional
Jun 28, 2017

In the highly homogeneous product, the rising cost of marketing and other factors under the common influence, the competition between candy enterprises will be further intense. "In addition to the Golden Delicious launched a black sugar, such as plum and more fruit and less sugar products, there are many domestic and foreign food companies optimistic about this one of the market prospects, have made more fruit and less sugar products market, such as almond milk crisp from South Korea Riverside in a product to learn and develop; Shanghai Li Xiang Food Co., Ltd. launched a unique Chen Pei-mei,Candy Making Machine the use of dried tangerine peel, plum and candy the perfect combination of peanut crisp candy in many candy enterprises have production.

In addition to the above mentioned nuts candy, in recent years, all kinds of new candy endless. How to grasp the market, a candy machinery enterprises in front of the subject. China's food machinery and equipment network Xiaobian that must start from the following aspects:

The same time as the above-

To science and technology as a leader. In the development of new products in the process. We should always put science and technology as the first productive forces, in the selected market targets on the basis of the implementation of deepening and reserve development. To use the world's latest scientific and technological achievements --- new technology, new equipment, new materials, the use of scientific and technological means, there are plans to step by step technological transformation and innovation. In the candy nutrition, functional, health care, natural, leisure and other deep on the hard work, make the article, so that the original product "innovation",Candy Making Machine in the product quality connotation to improve, Upgrade, improve the grade. Product development to gradually form a generation, reserve generation, the idea of a virtuous circle of generation. To make new products become product upgrading, optimize the product structure and enterprise technology reserves of fresh blood, so that enterprises are full of vitality.

The same time as the above-

To information for the subject. In the development of new products in the process, we should always put the technology and business information as a second resource to be exploited. Because it contains a very rich scientific research, business intelligence and valuable advanced experience. It is possible to use the most convenient way, the least amount of money, grafting or transplanting new products and varieties,Candy Making Machine it may be the fastest speed, the minimum price, with the advanced enterprises, advanced areas, advanced countries gap. China's food machinery and equipment network that scientific and technological information is the development of new products, grasp the product development trend of the "direction device." A good message will make you rich. In the 21st century information age, with the development of computer and network, the rapid development of information industry, we should use modern means to search for domestic and foreign candy product development valuable scientific and technological information, and its conversion into efficiency.

To motivate the incentive mechanism. In the process of developing new products, we should always highlight "people are the first factor in the factors of productivity." People-oriented, the use of various methods, through various channels to mobilize all positive factors, tap all potential capabilities, mobilize everyone, rely on everyone, and actively develop around the new product development activities. In this way, both self-cultivating a staff team, this team has a modern scientific and technological knowledge, research and development capabilities, candy production skills, good publicity, promotion of new products; can make new products such as active water never dried up. In the development of new products, it is necessary to pay attention to the role of science and technology, engineering and technical personnel, can not be ignored in the market fought sales staff contribution. Scientific research and new products only through effective sales can reflect the value. In the new product awards to honor, not only to dare to rewards research and development staff, while the sales information to provide meritorious personnel to reward. In the new product development plan, set the project, with the staff should encourage sales staff to actively participate. Listen to their views on the development of new products and recommendations, so that the development of new products to be targeted,

Engage in scientific research, engage in development do not have to spend a lot of money. As long as we strengthen the sense of science and technology, including the use of soil, including the combination of various means, but also to achieve a multiplier effect. For example, the author recently visited the sandwich candy production line, found that the equipment is good, but the price is too expensive,Candy Making Machine the production of varieties have some limitations. In view of this problem, I envisage, you can make full use of the existing candy production line, accompanied by artificial package stuffing match, not only can produce sandwich candy, but also can produce fruit flesh candy sandwich series of products, of course, save a lot of money.

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