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Candy Making Machine Multi-functional, Adaptable
May 25, 2017

Candy Making Machine The latest data show that although the first quarter of this year, China's chocolate category increased by 4%, but this increase was significantly lower than the same period in 2014. The overall candy market weakness, so good last year when the performance of a good time in the Chinese market this year, felt the obvious pressure. According to the company a quarterly report shows that the slowdown in category growth and consumption downturn led to its sales in China fell 47% year on year. Compared to 2014, their sales growth of up to 30%. For this very contrasting figures, when the general manager of Greater China,Candy Making Machine Shi Longfei explained that on the one hand, China's economic slowdown, fast sales industry downturn; the other hand, the Spring Festival sales are not as good as we expected, manufacturers To digest the main channel inventory. Visible, good time in the Chinese market is not easy to face competition. In addition, the market competition not only to face a large market environment, but also depends on their competitors. In the gift market, when weaker than Ferrero; in the field of chunk chocolate,Candy Making Machine Dove's advantage is more obvious. Nestle acquisition Xu Fu mind, fancy is Xu Fuji strong channel distribution. In the face of competitors, the opportunity is to sink to the three or four line market. If supplemented by the appropriate discount promotions, it is easier to grab some of the market Ferrero and Dreyfus. Although the performance of the first quarter under pressure, but in Shilang Fei view, the Swiss per capita consumption of chocolate is 10 kg per year,Candy Making Machine the United States is 5 kg, China only a few grams. Can be seen, the Chinese market is promising. It is noteworthy that, although the potential is huge, but the Chinese candy market is also quietly differentiation. Insiders pointed out that the current market of hard candy and candy atrophy, different types of candy are looking for different selling points to meet the needs of different consumers. Gum is to meet the frequent needs of consumers social; glue is the main child consumption; chocolate is to meet the needs of consumer upgrades. In this market differentiation, gum and chocolate is the fastest growing domestic candy, but also a relatively high profit category. Candy market differentiation candy machine how to face the history of candy is very long, candy machinery is also with the prevalence of candy and human mechanization revolution produced. Now, candy market differentiation, candy machinery will be how to develop? First of all, because the types of candy and the different materials and shapes, so most of the candy machinery can only produce a candy, such as the production of chocolate candy candy machine called chocolate machine, the production of soft candy called candy machine, and maltose , Dumplings sugar, sandwich candy and so on. Second, according to the function of candy machinery and classification, with the development of science and technology, people also invented a variety of candy can produce machinery, and will be called multi-functional candy machine. Finally, according to the different types of candy machines can be divided into a variety of, such as candy packaging machines, particle packaging machines, powder packaging machines,Candy Making Machine liquid packaging machines and so on. In recent years, the domestic candy technical experts in the introduction of cooperation, independence has made gratifying achievements in the candy equipment has introduced inflatable candy production line,Candy Making Machine colloidal candy automatic line, ultra-thin film vacuum instantaneous cooking unit, cotton candy production line, etc .; packaging machinery A single kink packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high-speed pillow charter flights. Chocolate equipment has a multi-functional color chocolate cast line,Candy Making Machine chocolate composite products automatic line, chocolate extrusion molding line, chocolate fast grinding machine. Among them, the multi-functional development of new equipment is an important trend, because the candy varieties and more, faster, manufacturers of equipment requirements are multi-functional, adaptable.

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