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Market price their candy packaging machine must take the road to innovation
Mar 22, 2017

In recent years, domestic candy packaging machine technology experts in introduced cooperation, and independent original aspects made has welcome results, which equipment of multifunctional is development of a important trend, because Candy varieties pattern more, and update fast, production manufacturers on equipment of requirements is multifunctional, and adaptability strong, candy manufacturer in on Standardization products for packaging Shi, General are need high-speed, and automation of packaging machine, to pursuit scale economic of packaging cost optimization.

Candy packaging machine is playing an increasing role, its main effects are the following:

1, can greatly improve productivity: mechanical package much faster than manual packaging, such as candy wrappers, handmade sugar 1min only for more than 10 blocks, and candy packing machine can reach hundreds of even thousands of pieces per minute, improving efficiency of dozens of times.

2, can effectively ensure packaging quality: machines-packaging materials for packaging requirements, according to the shape and size you want, get the specifications of the packaging and manual packaging is not guaranteed. This is particularly important for exports, only packaging machinery to meet packaging standardization, standardization, and meets the requirements of set packing.

3, can realize manual packaging operations could not be achieved: some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, packaging, skin packaging, such as filling and so on, are hand packing cannot be achieved, can only be achieved with mechanical packaging. Because of its tainted products, and packaging machinery to avoid the staff in direct contact with food, medicines, ensuring the quality of health.

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