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Fully automatic packaging machine features
Mar 22, 2017

1, invention patent: a roll of film in this machine automatically on the tangent plane into two packaging film, automatically packaging items, two a machine capacity, covering an area of small, saving people and power-saving.

2, touch-screen control, simple operation, easy, modular design of electrical and digital control.

3, drive in three ways: dual-frequency, dual-servo, three-axis servo. No mechanical transmission, stable operation, reliable, low noise, high tracking precision.

4, item position adjustments: automatic or jog button to adjust.

5, material transport width adjustment: a handle and adjustable conveyor width of two column.

6, two sets can be modulated, linkage can adjust its height and width.

7, vertical heat seal round the front guide wheel has traction, traction-oriented perspectives can be in operation when the adjustment.

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