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Food packaging machinery market prospects for the future
Mar 22, 2017

According to the survey of food packing machine imported from Western Europe and the United States each year are around US $2 billion, in the packaging market share is still very large. But number of food machinery industry, small scale and serious shortage of innovation ability. Western Europe and the United States, with its strong financial and technological advantages to whole food machinery industry in China caused a great impact.

In order to adapt to the rapid development of China food packaging machine need urgent need of packaging machinery automation, intelligent direction. With the advance wave of technology and market demand, it will eventually join the ranks of automation, brings more convenience for the packaging industry, for the market economy has brought more revenue.

Food packaging machine works

Current food packaging machine electric part generally consists of the following:

1. the dominant control by frequency converter and programmable controller PLC control center;

2. temperature control circuit of intelligent temperature controller, solid state relays, thermocouple elements such as composition, precise temperature control, direct display, setting;

3. photoelectric switch, electro-magnetic proximity sensors, multi-point tracking and detection.

As production progresses, consumers have an increasingly higher requirements for food packaging. Increase the speed and degree of beauty packaging food packaging machinery comes into being. Food packaging machine as a new device, played an important role in food packaging. As an advanced technology, stable performance and packaging machinery, food packing machine has the advantage of more prominent.

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