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Food packaging machine manufacturers to improve packaging machine
Mar 22, 2017

1, to facilitate food distribution

Previously dumplings, glutinous rice balls, seafood and other products of the very limited circulation, which saves time at room temperature is too short, not circulation. With the rise of the frozen food, these foods you can buy anywhere. This, ultimately, development of new packaging technologies.

2, extended shelf-life

Food itself has some nutrients and water, which are essential conditions for bacteria, mold, yeast and other production and reproduction when food when the temperature is suitable for them to breed, will make the food spoilage. If using aseptic food packaging or packaging after high temperature sterilization, refrigeration and other processing, it will occur to prevent food spoilage, extending the shelf life of foods, the same as can prolong the shelf-life of food vacuum packaging and packaging.

3, packaging makes the product more attractive and increase competitiveness

Food packaging is an art, food packaging, such as adding some art in your packaging design landscaping products, attract consumers, increase sales, increase awareness, and enhance market competitiveness, promote the consumption of our products.

Food packaging brings convenience to our lives, but not excessive packaging, and excessive packaging is not only a waste of resources, also produce great harm to the environment.

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