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Automatic vertical packing machine the need of social development
Mar 22, 2017

Packaging industry is directly in order to improve the quality of life of the people of the emerging industry. Along with social development, people's living standards improve, especially after joining the WTO, enterprises to participate in international market competition, higher demands on the packaging, a new generation of fully automatic vertical packing machine came into being.

Among them, the lives of the common people and is closely related to industrial and agricultural production of powder and granular materials, such as washing and other daily necessities, salt, MSG and other daily foods, nutritious foods such as cereal, isatis root, such as medicines, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals and other raw materials, agriculture products, requires precise and quantitative packaging. At present a large number of manual dosing packaging, labor intensive, slow, poor economic performance. Splash and powder materials seriously, resulting in poor working conditions, pollution. In addition to food, manual packaging of drugs often do not meet the health requirements, hazardous goods hand-packed easy to cause harm to the human body. And large quantities of material need automatic vertical packing machine.

Our powder materials with low dose of automatic vertical packing machines are more mature, while medium and large doses of automatic vertical packing machine there is a gap with foreign advanced products. Guarantee packaging quality based on packaging speeds are often low. One important reason is its automatic quantitative way.

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